Winter Ear Protection Tips

The winter season can impact your ears and your hearing in a lot of different ways. Here are four tips to protect your ears this winter.

  1. Protect Your Ears From the Cold with EarmuffsExtreme weather conditions can lead to a condition called exostosis, which results in bony growths on the bone surrounding the ear canal. The problem is that the risk of infection increases due to the fact that the ear canal becomes blocked.

    Those who spend a lot of time outside in the winter months—especially skiers and snowmobilers—are at an increased risk of developing the condition. So, it’s important to keep your ears covered and dry.

  2. Protect Your Ears From the Snow Blower and Sports ArenasYou likely hadn’t considered the snow blower as being a potential cause of permanent hearing damage, but that is the reality. Indeed, snow blowers can go beyond 100 decibels, which is capable of causing permanent hearing damage.

    The same is true for indoor sports arenas as well.

    So, protect your ears from the snow blower and sports arenas this winter; you can do so with earplugs or with protective earmuffs (or wear both, if you prefer!).

    For those with hearing aids, you will want to ensure that you leave your hearing aids inside, especially if you’re wearing earmuffs. The heat from the workout can cause moisture to build up inside your ear canal and potentially damage your hearing aids as a result.

  3. Avoid Flying If You’re Sick It’s important to avoid flying if you have a cold. A cold can result in the Eustachian tube becoming blocked, which causes problems with how your ears adjust to the pressure changes during a flight. The result is an ruptured eardrum or a very bad infection.
  4. Reduce Ear Infections By Keeping Your Ears Warm and DryThe winter season can also lead to an increase in ear infections. There are a few reasons for this; first, blood circulates less in the cold.

    There is also an increase in the likelihood of moisture and bacteria becoming trapped in the ear. You can reduce the chance of developing an ear infection by ensuring that you keep your ears warm and free of any wetness.

    Exercising can also help to increase blood circulation.

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