10 Hearing Loss Myths You Should Stop Believing

You don’t need to be old to lose your hearing. Although seniors do have their unique health challenges, hearing loss can affect a person at any age. This is can be attributed to our evolving relationship with technology – especially music.

Earbuds and festivals blare music that can damage your eardrum and cause hearing loss. However, there are many misconceptions about hearing loss that need to be clarified. Here are ten hearing loss myths you should stop believing if you want to take proper care of your ears:

  1. Your Doctor Can Tell If You Have Hearing Loss
    Hearing loss may not be tested when examined during your annual physical. That’s why you should always book an appointment with a licensed audiologist or hearing specialist if you suspect you may be losing your hearing.
    It can also be unavoidable. Around 30 to 50 percent of hearing loss is due to genetic factors.
  2. Only Old People Experience Hearing Loss
    Aging is a factor in hearing loss, but it’s not the only reason. Disease, ear infections, music festivals, and earbuds can all significantly decrease your ability to hear. In fact, one in every three people over the age of 65 (which is a total of 165 million people worldwide) lives with hearing loss, and 32 million people affected by hearing loss are children under the age of 15, according to the World Health Organization.
  3. Having Hearing Loss in Just One Ear is Okay
    People who believe they have one “good” ear, usually have an issue in both. While you may prefer one ear over the other when talking on the phone, it’s likely just an illusion. That’s because 90% of people with hearing loss actually need hearing aids in both ears because they’re affected equally.
  4. Hearing Loss does not Impact Your Overall Health
    Studies by researchers at John Hopkins University have found that those who experience hearing loss have a higher rate of depression and dementia. It’s also been found that hearing loss can cause you to lose your balance.
  5. You Can Wait to Get Your Ears Checked
    Your hearing is important and if you notice an issue, you should see a specialist immediately. Although hearing aids cannot restore your hearing to normal, it will significantly improve it.
  6. If You Can’t Hear the TV, Just Turn the Volume Up
    Not only does this not solve the issue, it also puts the hearing of those around you at risk. Not to mention, friends and family will also grow to resent having to constantly repeat themselves. Therefore, a hearing aid is an investment in your quality of life.
  7. Hearing Loss Can Be Fixed Through Surgery
    Yes, there are surgeries available that can restore hearing, but that’s only in a few cases. The most common is a stapedectomy which treats a condition called ostosclerosis. This is when you have a build of bone around the stapes (or stirrup bone). A stapedectomy involves replacing the stapes with an artificial one. This surgery can restore hearing in more than 90% of cases.
  8. “I’d know if I was losing my hearing”Hearing loss is rarely sudden – it usually happens in stages. That’s why it can be harder for someone with hearing loss to realize there’s an issue.
  9. It’s Too Late to Improve My Hearing
    If you’re finding it difficult to have a conversation with your family and friends, it can be isolating. This can lead to depression and anxiety.Addressing your hearing is what you need to take back your life and regain your independence – so it’s never too late. Unfortunately, only one out of every five people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wear one, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.
  10. Hearing Aids Will Not Work for You
    Depending on the type of hearing loss you have, there is a specific hearing aid you may need.The House of Hearing team consists of highly trained and experienced hearing professionals that will prescribe the right solution that meet the needs of your hearing and lifestyle. We are an independent clinic and are free to prescribe hearing aids from all the major manufacturers. Learn more about the different hearing aids we carry:

Our hearing is important for maintaining a meaningful relationship with our family and friends. That’s why scheduling a hearing test is not only a healthy choice, but a big step in being a happier you.

If you would look to know if you’re at risk or experiencing hearing loss, then book a hearing test today here or call us at 289 217-3429 to learn more.

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