Bernafon Hearing Aids in Canada

Bernafon is a Swiss hearing aid manufacturing company with its main headquarters in Bern, Switzerland. Bernafon belongs to the Danish William Demant Holding Group, which is one of the worlds largest hearing instrument manufacturer.

Bernafon was founded shortly after World War II, when Hans Gfeller, who was severely hearing impaired, and his son started building their very own hearing device. After the release of the first product, the company soon found that the demand for the product was very high.


Juna 9

With Juna premium hearing aids, you will enjoy enhanced speech understanding even in the most challenging listening situations. Here is some more information about the features in Juna that will help you understand speech better and make listening more comfortable.

Juna 9 offers premium hearing aid technology with features and functionalities meeting the many needs and preferences in the most challenging listening situations. Sound localization and speech understanding in group conversation is made much easier for nearly every hearing loss.

Fully automatic adjustments are made in fast-changing hearing environments. And, if improving the listening experience when listening to music and going to the cinema are a priority, these are the instruments we recommend. With wireless connectivity and the greatest number of options for individualization, these instruments cater to all – from musicians to business people to you and me. The perfect choice for active people looking for the maximum benefits of today’s hearing technology.

Juna 7

Advanced adaptive features in Juna 7 hearing aids deliver impressive sound quality in all listening situations. All types of sounds, varying from speech cues to environment and entertainment sounds, are amplified naturally and accurately with the focus automatically on speech in changing and noisy environments.

High-frequency sounds such as consonants in speech and birds singing are perceived more naturally, and high-frequency information like children’s voices are better understood. Undesired loud and soft background noises, including annoying wind noise, are greatly reduced. The degree of customization is high and of course there are options for wireless connectivity too. The perfect choice for people who are looking for instruments that are easy to use, fully automatic in most situations, and provide a high level of listening comfort.

Carista 5

Advanced hearing technology in a mid-range hearing instrument makes a lot of sense. Natural sound perception and enhanced speech understanding in almost all listening situations makes conversations more comfortable and less tiring

With advanced noise reduction systems, most disturbing noises can be suppressed efficiently and effectively. In particular, fast-appearing shocking noises such as the rattle of cutlery or the rustling of newspaper are reduced in Carista 5 hearing aids. Wireless connectivity enables hearing instrument(s) to be connected to a mobile or landline phone, GPS system, TV, digital music player, etc. And, if two hearing instruments are worn, control both with one touch. The perfect choice for people who want listening to be easier and more comfortable and who need more program options.

Carista 3

The best mix of better hearing, wireless connectivity and value for money is found in Carista 3 hearing aids. Natural sound perception and speech understanding in challenging listening situations with changing background noise is a priority.

A powerful reduction of annoying background noises without compromising speech understanding is built in. Easy communication with wireless connectivity to a wide range of audio and communication devices such as mobile phones and TVs is possible. The perfect choice for price conscious people who don’t want compromises in communication and connectivity.

Inizia 1

By capturing important sounds in your environment – and by boosting them without destroying the natural details – Oticon Chili helps you experience many of the things you’ve been missing.

Noisy environments become far less confusing with Oticon Chili. In the kitchen, if someone is talking on your right side and the food blender is running on the left, Chili will automatically enhance your companion’s voice. This gives you a chance to focus clearly.

If other people can use phones and other audio equipment, so can you! With the Oticon ConnectLine solution you can get signals from your phone, TV or music player sent clearly to both ears. So you can keep in touch, stay informed and have fun.

With Oticon Chili, the days of clumsy, unreliable super-power instruments are over. The slim shell combined with 24/7 reliability help you feel comfortable and confident all day long.