Assistive Listening/Hearing Devices Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill

Assistive listening devices are used by people who are hard of hearing to help improve hearing ability in a variety of situations. Assistive listening devices help by amplify sounds and provide better Sound to Noise Ratio. Common uses of assistive listening devices include transmission of audio from Televisions, radio and other audio devices directly to a persons ears.

Assistive listening devices usually work by capturing a remote source of sound by a microphone and then transmitting the sound to a receiver which in turn amplifies and transmits sound to speakers. These devices usually allow for the adjustment of volume output.

Assistive Listening/Hearing Devices Toronto

Personal Amplifiers

A personal amplifier is a device that is portable and comes with a receiver that amplifies the sound around you and receives sound from a transmitter. This type of device is ideal for situations when the distance between the speaker and you is a long one. Some units can also connect to TV, MP3 player, computer or stereo.

Measures Mino Hearing Devices

TV Ears

TV ears are devices that are specifically designed to connect to a TV and transmit audio to a receiver with headphones. Audio is streamed directly from the TV to your ears and you can control the TV volume without bothering those sitting around you.

Sennheiser Hearing Aid Device

Amplified Telephones

Amplified telephones are wired or wireless telephones that output volumes at ranges 20dB to 40dB than a typical telephone. These are ideal for persons that are having difficulty hearing over the telephone.

Amplified Telephones